PolySign: Filling a Gap in the Crypto Economy

May 11, 2020

As cryptocurrency becomes more and more popular, we continue to find ways to include digital currency in our lives. With this boost in a new and thriving ecosystem, the necessity for other services also becomes clear. One of the needs that are quickly coming to light in this space is the need for reliable custody services that offer a plethora of value propositions for the average investor. One of these services is PolySign, which is quickly becoming one of the most well-known cryptocurrency projects in the world. Despite flying under the radar until recently, PolySign has been able to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time and is close to delivering one of the most comprehensive digital asset custody services on the market.

In this analysis, we will dive into what makes PolySign unique, what it has to offer, and what some of its competitors might have to offer, as well. Since PolySign is operating in a service space that is very low in supply at the moment, it truly has the spotlight as the rest of the crypto economy looks to companies such as PolySign for leadership in one of the most difficult aspects of digital assets.

Benefits of PolySign

To be able to compare projects in this space, you will need to know a bit of background information about PolySign and what the innovative project has to offer. Here are some of the most distinct benefits of PolySign and why it is widely considered the frontrunner in this industry.

Easy to Use

The main attraction and value proposition that PolySign has to offer is that it aims to make digital asset management easy on their platform. One of the largest barriers to mass adoption of cryptocurrency and other digital assets is that for many people, the concept of buying cold storage or getting other storage options for their cryptocurrency is too abstract and dangerous for them to handle it themselves. To remedy this problem, it is necessary to assemble a “bank” of sorts to take custody of assets and provide users with peace of mind.

PolySign is able to achieve this by offering a simple, easy-to-use dashboard that provides users with all the information and functionality that they will need to effectively manage their digital assets. With a trusted third party to interact with, investors can feel good about purchasing digital currencies and the entire industry benefits from attracting new users.


A great benefit of the future PolySign platform is that it plans on being one of the most integrated dashboards in the entire cryptocurrency atmosphere. Built by those with experience in banking, the PolySign dashboard and user portal will have a full suite of options to provide you with everything you need to effectively manage your assets. With full integration settings, you will have peace of mind and maximum convenience.

Trusted Team

The team that has started PolySign is perhaps the most comprehensive and skilled team in all of cryptocurrency. Not only is each team member highly qualified to be participating in a project of this magnitude, but they also each have a history of proven success with some of the largest financial companies in the world.

Working with PolySign and using their products means that you are investing in this knowledge, experience, and the proven track record of success that you know they bring to the table. If there is any team that can deliver user-friendly digital asset banking to the masses, then this is most likely that team. With a solid background in both banking and digital assets, the well-rounded team at PolySign is looking to make it easier to manage digital currencies.

Established Reputation

Though PolySign is in its infant stages as a product, it still has made quite the splash as a project and has been heavily traded for years now. With heavy involvement in the crypto community and a solid track record of delivering on promises and expectations time and time again, PolySign has most definitely lived up to the reputation and expectations that have been set forth and is an integral part of the crypto economy.

PolySign vs Other Projects Comparison Chart

PolySign isn’t the only project out there trying to deliver a robust solution for digital asset management. There are several projects that each take a unique approach to solving this problem. Here are some of the options out there and how they stack up against PolySign in terms of features and versatility.

How Does PolySign Stack Up?

As you can see, PolySign is clearly already looking like the best solution for anyone that wants to keep their assets controlled by a 3rd party that is easy to use, provides maximum integration, is affordable, and has a good reputation as being trustworthy and following through on company objectives. They continue to be the frontrunner for asset custody and the outlook for PolySign is very positive.

Written by C Lambardo & Fredrick Roberts, CNIR Staff