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Editor’s Motivation

Perceiving the possibility of prosperity in Blockchain Technology and Digital Asset investing, I am yet mindful of its daily volatility.  Therefore, I decided to record our research by developing news articles to inform the public.

What is Cryptocurrency?


People that are entering into the crypto ecosystem are asking us the question,
What is cryptocurrency?
In the old days people would use what they had grown on their farms to trade for other things.
Not so long ago people only had live music, but now days we have live streaming music.
We use these two examples to explain cryptocurrencies.
In this modern era we have Cryptocurrency.
Cryptocurrency is like money, but in a digital form called a digital asset.
Cryptocurrencies work online by using a technology called Blockchain.
Blockchain is a decentralized technology that spread across many computers networks.
These networks use encryption technologies that records transactions.
This allows cryptocurrency to be used as a form of payment and it can be exchanged online for goods and services.