Kevin Ting, CEO CryptoCanary

Crypto News & Investigative Reports Interview with: Mr. Kevin Ting, CEO of CryptoCanary, CryptoCanary is consolidating community reviews and research to help beginners avoid crypto scams. Kevin earned his Master’s degree from UCLA and his Bachelor’s degree from Rice University. Kevin’s project is definitely an asset to the crypto ecosystem.… – via:@epodcastnetwork

Christian Peel, CEO


Crypto News & Investigative Reports Interview with Dr. Christian Peel of the Decentralization Foundation ( “Bitcoin transactions are not private”. Developers are working to make the ecosystem user friendly and transactions private. Listen as Chris explains how the Decentralization Foundation of Silicon Valley is helping to connect with project developers in the community.

Agatha Bacelar, Congressional Candidate From San Francisco Calif.

Crypto News & Investigative Reports interview with Ms. Agatha Bacelar: “Moving Forward on Crypto” The Cryptocurrency Congressional Candidate from San Francisco Ca. District 12. Agatha is a 28-year-old Brazilian immigrant living in San Franciscan Ca. She earned a B.S. in product design engineering from Stanford University. Agatha worked with Emerson Collective and Democracy Earth

Ian Dixon, CTO

Crypto News & Investigative Reports Interview with Ian Dixon, CTO & COO of This ecosystem is growing by leaps and bounds. However, security & privacy still remain problematic. Securing the privacy layer of the internet, Enigma is the missing piece to unlocking mass adoption of the decentralized web. Enigma mission is to ensure global adoption and usage of decentralized technologies.