Bermuda; Beckoning To Become The Global Hub Of Blockchain & Fintech Business

Bermuda; Beckoning To Become The Global Hub Of Blockchain & Fintech Business

Bermuda is leading the way in the formation of new Digital Assets with the most progressive legislative framework for initial coin offering and digital assets, a leading tech lawyer has said.

Law Partner Jerome Wilson, the head of the technology and innovation practice at Appleby’s in Bermuda will be participating in the three-day 2021 Bermuda Tech Summit which is taking place virtually, starting October 13.

Mr Wilson stated: “Bermuda is becoming a global hub for blockchain and fintech with three types of digital asset business licenses, including a sandbox-type license for those looking to test their proof of concept, a modified license for a limited period and a full license for entities looking for something more long-term.

“We are here to support businesses at different stages and as market demands evolve locally and globally.”

Mr Wilson also said: “We are very pleased to continue to sponsor and support the Bermuda Tech Summit, now in its third year.”

Appleby is a platinum sponsor of the conference, which is presented by the Bermuda Business Development Agency. The lawyer will have a role on the regulatory panel, in addition to speaking during the digital assets discussion with technology colleagues, partner Matthew Ebbs-Brewer and associate Kit Cunningham.

The conference theme is ‘Transforming the Digital Landscape’, and will feature insights and predictions based on the latest trends and future developments. Appleby’s multidisciplinary global technology and innovation team comprises experts from the firm’s 10 offices, who help businesses meet new challenges and support clients across a broad range of emerging technologies. Members of Appleby’s fiduciary and corporate/trusts service provider, AGS, will also be there.

Wilson will participate on the ‘Transforming the Regulatory Landscape’ main panel with other industry experts. It will focus on how new technology will only reach its full potential, and flourish, if sophisticated legislative structures and regulatory frameworks are put in place to support their development. This session will provide insights into how Bermuda is striking the right balance between innovation and customer protection as a premier financial services jurisdiction.

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