Emmer’s Proposed Crypto Rider Targets SEC, Citing Negative Impact on American Access

Emmer’s Proposed Crypto Rider Targets SEC, Citing Negative Impact on American Access

Washington, D.C. – In a recent development that has sparked heated discussions within the crypto community, Majority Whip Tom Emmer is gearing up to present an amendment to the FY 2024 Financial Services and General Government appropriations bill. The amendment seeks to curb the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)’s utilization of funds for digital asset enforcement until comprehensive and transparent cryptocurrency regulations are firmly in place.

Emmer, a vocal proponent of the cryptocurrency industry, aims to temporarily restrict the SEC’s power to initiate enforcement actions in the crypto sphere as part of the upcoming funding bill for the agency. His primary goal is to pause the SEC’s actions until “clear rules and regulations” governing digital assets have been established.

Adding fuel to the debate, Emmer recently took to social media to argue that SEC Chair Gary Gensler’s actions have negatively impacted Americans’ ability to explore cryptocurrencies. This statement further underscores the urgency of Emmer’s proposed amendment and highlights the ongoing tension between crypto enthusiasts and financial regulators.



This proposal has ignited a contentious debate in Congress, pitting advocates of cryptocurrency innovation against those concerned about potential financial misconduct and fraud in the digital asset space. Supporters argue that Emmer’s amendment will provide much-needed clarity and regulatory stability for the burgeoning cryptocurrency market, ultimately fostering innovation and investment.

However, critics contend that such restrictions could leave investors vulnerable to fraudulent schemes and hamper the SEC’s ability to safeguard consumers and maintain market integrity.

With negotiations unfolding on Capitol Hill, the destiny of Emmer’s cryptocurrency rider remains uncertain, leaving stakeholders eagerly awaiting the outcome of this critical legislative battle.