The Next Evolution in Token Standards: Introducing ERC-404

The Next Evolution in Token Standards: Introducing ERC-404

ERC-404 heralds a strategic shift in the tokenization landscape, as top cryptocurrency exchanges Binance and OKX have strategically integrated support for ERC-404 assets into their web3 wallet services. This milestone marks a pivotal moment in the path towards widespread adoption of this pioneering standard.

So, what exactly is ERC-404? This groundbreaking protocol combines the functionalities of the widely utilized ERC-20 and ERC-721 standards, which respectively govern token issuance on Ethereum and the creation of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). By merging these two frameworks, ERC-404 introduces a revolutionary concept: fractionalized NFT collections that are fully tradable and interoperable within the open market.

Traditionally, NFTs have existed as singular, indivisible assets, in stark contrast to the divisible nature of tokens. While fractionalized NFTs have been attempted in the past, they often rely on centralized entities to manage the process, leading to discrepancies in asset valuation and liquidity. ERC-404 addresses this challenge head-on by enabling multiple wallets to collectively own a single NFT, paving the way for decentralized fractional ownership and enhanced liquidity.

The implications of ERC-404 extend far beyond the realm of digital collectibles. As adoption grows, the standard opens doors to innovative financial applications, such as using fractionalized NFT ownership as collateral for loans or staking purposes


Pandora, the first of the ERC-404 tokens, traded as high as $32,000 on Friday morning from a low of $250 in just under a week. It has a supply of only 8,000 tokens and traded some $76 million in volumes in the past 24 hours.

Moreover, the endorsement of ERC-404 by prominent projects like Monarch and DeFrogs underscores the growing excitement surrounding this nascent standard. With its potential to democratize access to digital assets and unlock new avenues for financial creativity, ERC-404 stands as a testament to the relentless innovation driving the cryptocurrency ecosystem forward. As the industry continues to evolve, all eyes remain eagerly fixed on the transformative possibilities that lie ahead.