Welcome to the Club: StakeNet (XSN)

Welcome to the Club: StakeNet (XSN)

There is a certain amount of excitement and hype that comes along with any new crypto project. Today we take a look at StakeNet (XSN)

 What is StakeNet (XSN) 

Stakenet is a utility blockchain intended to provide a highly secure, interchain economy for cryptocurrencies. 

StakeNet (XSN) is programmable digital money. It is the native cryptocurrency that powers its decentralized applications. XSN can operate with other blockchains. It runs on a decentralized, very well secure and trustless cross-chain blockchain. This interchain economy is powered by the XSN token and utilizes enhanced security algorithms, supports the Lightning Network, and has cross chain capabilities.

Inside the Value

The StakeNet treasure is a cryptographically sealed public address that holds money allocated to it by its network. 

*XSN market cap value has increased up to $18.572 M, a volume of $1.509 M, and an all time high market price of $0.883149. This token considers itself comparable to Dash, Dogecoin and Zcash. Today’s current price is $0.220021 with a 87.81% 24hr volume.

StakeNet Governance Model

StakeNet is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization that runs through unbreakable rules, encoded and maintained on the blockchain. It doesn’t have a centralized leader. Instead, there is a management mechanism that takes credit for the needs of all individuals involved. Its holders govern the protocol and vote to implement the best possible innovations. Masternode owners have voting rights, one Masternode is equal to one vote.

The XSN Market Niche

The best part of Stakenet is the great secure technologies that have been built from  scratch. I think people will be taken by surprise by their products. It’s simple, understandable and a very entertaining explanation, of an extremely promising technology.

*Results as reported on 06/30/2020 5:00pm pst (livecoinwatch.com)

Written by F. Roberts, CNIR Staff