Jack Dorsey and Jay-Z Backed Btrust Acquires Bitcoin Talent Firm Qala

Jack Dorsey and Jay-Z Backed Btrust Acquires Bitcoin Talent Firm Qala

In a significant move to empower Bitcoin development in Africa, Btrust, the non-profit initiative founded by Jack Dorsey and Jay-Z, has acquired Qala, a leading Bitcoin developer training organization. This strategic synergy aims to leverage Qala’s expertise in training local blockchain engineers with Btrust’s substantial bitcoin holdings, creating new opportunities for the African Bitcoin ecosystem.

According to Forbes, the acquisition, completed on September 1st, marks a transformative moment as Qala rebrands itself as the Btrust Builders Programme. Qala has excelled in nurturing Bitcoin and Lightning engineers in Africa but faced financial constraints. On the other hand, Btrust boasts a pool of 500 Bitcoins but lacked a structured approach to reach local communities. Together, they aim to bridge this gap and propel African Bitcoin development to new heights.

Bernard Parah, co-founder and director of Qala, emphasized the shared vision, saying, “Today’s announcement significantly expedites this mission, enhancing our ability to not only grow our current community but also provide them with the resources to actively contribute to Bitcoin’s open-source development.”



Btrust, known for its commitment to funding Bitcoin development and education in Africa, had appointed four Africans to its board in 2021, demonstrating its dedication to local involvement. The synergy with Qala is expected to further enrich its mission.

As Btrust Builders Program shifts its focus to open-source training, African software developers are invited to participate in Bitcoin and Lightning development, heralding a new era of Bitcoin innovation on the African continent.