Reddit Making Moves Into The NFT Crypto Space

Reddit Making Moves Into The NFT Crypto Space

With the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) still rising in popularity, a lot of companies have started joining the trend and either launching their own NFTs or even creating their own NFT platforms. Now, many speculate that Reddit might be one of them since the company has started hiring workers to support the design, build, and maintenance of its own NFT platform.

The latest job posting that has caused the crypto community to speculate about Reddit creating an NFT platform can be found on Greenhouse, where Reddit seems to be looking for a senior backend engineer that would create a platform meant to be used by millions of users.

The platform should be able to allow people to create, buy, sell, and use NFT-backed digital goods. Reddit is also requesting that all interested applicants  should have at least five years of experience in backend development, but also the ability to design and implement complex distributed systems that would be operating under high load.

Included in the posting is that the company has noticed that NFTs have an incredible power to create a sense of community the sense of participation and belonging. This explains Reddit’s interest in the NFT sector, as each new project brings a new portion of a vibrant community of owners. Investors are not only going to NFTs to own them, but also to support their creators and gain exclusive access to their products, establish a tighter connection to the creator, and more.

Also, Reddit already has a long history with cryptocurrencies, being one of the biggest platforms that the crypto community is using for gathering, speculating, discussing, the crypto ecosystem. In fact, Reddit’s platform was primarily used for pumping DOGE earlier this year, when the coin reached a new ATH at $0.7. A Point of emphasis, Reddit offers Community Points, which are digital currency like tokens in the form of Bricks and Moons.

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